Metal Beam Crash Barrier

Stainless Steel Crash Barrier is designed to withstand the impact of vehicles of certain weights at a certain angle while traveling at the specified speed. Stainless Steel Crash Barrier which is designed in our Factory which is located in khopoli. They are expected to guide the vehicle back on the road while keeping the level of damage to the vehicle as well as to the barriers within acceptable limits. Ideally, a durable metal crash barrier should present a continuous smooth face to an impacting vehicle, so that the vehicle is redirected, without overturning, to a course that is nearly parallel to the barrier face and with a lateral deceleration, which is tolerable to the motorist.

Metal Crash Barriers - An Overview

Metal Crash Barriers have proven to be the best solution to restraining of errant vehicle on roads in order to prevent accident and loss of lives. The W bearn semi rigid barrier is now in vague oil over the world and in corporates superior operational characteristics

Metal Crash Barrier is probably something most of the people don't think about, that is, until it saves their lives. It is a, proven road safety system, and is brought to you by N.S. Rolling Steel Pvt. Ltd. which undertakes design.

Metal Crash Barriers - ( Guard Rail )

N.S. Rolling Steel Pvt. Ltd. will give you reliable service for years to come. Protecting people and Equipment is a requirement in facilities today and Guard Rail Provides an affordable solution.

N.S. Rolling Steel Pvt. Ltd. is among the most competitive Guard Rail in market today without sacrificing safety. Guard Rail is now installed on highways all over the world.

The unique protecting offered by N.S. Rolling is to save lives and property. Metal Crash Barrier ( Guard Rail ) retains it good looks through hot dipped Gelvazing it requires as no additional decorative finish for a maintenance free life.