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N S Rolling Steel Pvt Ltd will give reliable service for years to come. Protecting people and equipment is a requirement in facilities today and Guard Rail, Noise Barriers & Non Woven Quality Geotextile Bags provides an affordable solution. N S Rolling Steel products are among the most cost-competitive in the market today without sacrificing safety.
Metal Beam Crash Barriers
Noise Barriers
Non Woven Geotextitle Fabric and Bag / Sacks
Hot Dip Galvanizing Unit
Metal Beam Crash Barriers have proven to be the best solution restraining in errant vehicle on roads in order to prevent accident and loss of lives.
Noise Barriers reduces Noise Pollution to the desired decibel levels.
The uses of Bags are as per customer's requirement Predominantly used on the pitches of River-banks. Bridges, Nullahs and other desired areas.
Galvanizing eliminates rust formation and thereby increases the life of products for minimum 10 - 20Years. It also creates a good esthestic look.
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